Here at Indreland Ranch.


Our mission is to provide genetics and services that help cattle producers attain more freedom and profitability in their business and life. Our Vision: Indreland Ranch is holistically managed and operated to produce healthy nutrition and environment for people, livestock and wildlife. This is accomplished by resilience to economic and environmental factors and by providing opportunities and profit to all involved. It is managed and operated by a team of motivated, goal oriented and open-minded individuals that work together in a respectful manner.     

Indreland Angus originated in 1977. That makes forty-one years in the registered Angus business. Our production philosophy is that cows must consistently excel at converting our basic grass resource to beef. Practicing this philosophy has refined our cowherd into trouble free and productive cattle. We do not select for any extremes in performance but demand functionality in our cattle. We do practice line breeding and strive to produce as many ½ and ¾ blood calves as possible. Each year, our calves
are DNA tested to identify the sire because we breed in multi-sire groups.

With well over 250 head of steers and heifers harvested through our branded beef business, 76% have graded choice or better on a diet of long hay and whole corn or forage only with the following averages: Hot Carcass Weight: 649 Backfat: .37 Ribeye Area: 10.5 Yield Grade: 2.97 This reflects a live weight of about 1100 lbs., which is very close to our average mature cow herd weight. We have confidence in what our genetics will do on the rail.

We now are adding to our selection pressure by only selling bulls that were born unassisted in the first cycle of calving as well as only keeping replacement heifers that were born in this same time frame. Our bulls and heifers are developed on pasture with supplemental protein when needed.

Our cattle have never had their feet trimmed. Our objective with our cattle program is: “What you see is what you get.”
Ranch Location: We are located 12 1/4 miles north of Big Timber, Montana on Highway 191, then east on Glasston Road for 1.7 miles. Please give us a call with any questions. We hope you can come out and take a look! You are welcome anytime!

Roger, Betsy, Anne, Kate


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