A Note From Roger

Roger, Betsy, Anne, Kate

Thanks for taking the time to look at our website.  A lot of information is being published these days about how grazing animals can have a positive influence on soil health, and regenerating of organic matter in the soil for water holding capacity.  We are using these practices and our genetics fit the purpose well.  We think this is a great opportunity for people to focus on some of the things that they can influence.  I am talking about the genetics that you put into your cowherd.  Looking to the future it appears to me that cattle that require lots of iron, fuel and labor to support their maintenance will find themselves at a disadvantage.  Seek out and buy cattle that will pass on some of the cost saving traits into their progeny, things like longevity, fertility, do-ability and $EN.  These are the things that are built into and doubled up in Indreland cattle through years of pressure and selection.  It is for these reasons that we are proud of our cattle and what they can bring to the table for us and our customers, now and into the future.

Thank you for your interest.  Please call, e-mail or stop in anytime.

All the best,

The Indreland Family


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